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Clickbait Climate Records: Hot In France, Snow-Packed In Colorado

france heat june 2019

france heat june 2019

News today is filled with “record heat” in France — whatever, it might be the hottest since thermometers started measuring, but it’s been hotter before.

Even if it’s real, it’s only a technicality because we only started records recently.

At most, it can only be the hottest in 130 years or so, and we know it was just as hot in medieval times, hotter 7,000 years ago, hotter 130,000 years ago, and so on, hotter for most of life on Earth.

The record heat in France is a meaningless clickbait moment in climate history that preys upon the short term human psyche.

Like some collective amnesia, we forget that the French Revolution was but a moment ago in geologic history. So this is the worst heatwave in Europe since … 2003? 

But is it even a real (albeit short term) record? We don’t know if French historic records were adjusted, cooled, subject to unaccounted site moves, or measured in super sensitive electronic thermometers that didn’t exist in 1896.

But we do know that when France’s top TV meteorologists wrote a skeptical book, he was sacked.

If the data is being tampered with, what are the odds that any recognized French expert could speak up? It’s the only certainty in the climate debate –question the propaganda and kiss the career goodbye.

It was 44C in Toulouse in 1923. All it takes is a bit more tarmac at the airport, a few more high rise buildings blocking the breeze and the same 44-degree day would easily register as 46C today, especially with an electric probe.

Record heat brings record…snow

In the same week, Beartooth pass on the border between Montana and Wyoming in the USA was closed for five days due to snow in summer.

Colorado welcomed summer with 2 feet of snow, after the fifth coldest May on record.

That’s 40 times more snow than normal for this time of year, there is so much snow there will be skiing on the 4th of July.

It’s also unexpectedly snowing in Mongolia.  It snowed in Yellowstone for the summer solstice.

It’s also snowed to start summer in Canada, 25cm in Alberta, people are asking if June is June-uary.

There were icicles in Alice Springs this week, and a bumper-snow start to the Mt Hotham season — at least it’s winter Down Under. Did you hear about the freak cold?

James Murphy, New American

Which brings us to the recent summer solstice snowstorm in the Colorado Rockies. On June 21, a freak snowstorm dropped up to 20 inches of snow on parts of Colorado, adding to an already substantial snow season, which since January has seen snow totals in Colorado at more than 750 percent above normal.

The recent snow has ballooned that number to over 4,000 percent above normal. A large part of that percentage is because snow is normally completely absent by June, and this year’s abnormally cold temperatures have helped preserve vast amounts of snow that fell earlier in the year.

CLOSED for five days in summer! June 25th

Beartooth Pass on US-212 in Montana is currently closed due to blowing and driving snow and high winds and has been closed for the past 5 days. The Pass closed on Thursday, June 20th, 2019, at 7:30 pm and is currently closed as of this writing (10:30 am PDT).

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