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This Circus Uses Elaborate Hologram Light Show in Response to Mistreatment of Performing Animals

This German circus has replaced their animal performances with a stunning animal-themed hologram light show – and they hope that it will inspire other circuses to do the same.

According to German news outlets, the Circus Roncalli has been entertaining audiences since 1976, yet they started phasing out the use of performing animals in the 1990s.

Recently, the circus decided to employ a production team to create an elaborate new hologram show that uses the images of animals.

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It takes 11 different projectors to display the 360º light show, and audiences have been enthralled. The show depicts dazzling herds of horses, a performing elephant, and even a massive golden goldfish in the middle of the stage.

Animal rights activists are hailing the circus as a role model for eliminating the exploitation of live performing animals, while still giving audiences a look at their magnificence.

With various states and countries implementing legislative bans on the use of animals as performers, Circus Roncalli provides a stellar example that others can— follow.

(WATCH the holograms in action in the video below) – Photo by Optoma EMEA

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