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Sustainably-sourced sunglasses built to last a lifetime rather than a season

Living a sustainable lifestyle is about more than backyard composting and prolific use of Mason jars in lieu of plastic. To truly reach any level of sustainability we need to be aware of every purchase we make including how the product was made and even the packaging used. Although our conscientious purchasing decisions carry weight, corporate responsibility is where the real change will occur — enter Just Human.

three models wear just humans sunglasses while near the ocean

Just Human feels the burden of that responsibility and has decided to do something about it in the form of long-lasting, quality sunglasses built to last a lifetime, not a season.

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model wears clear sunglasses

The creation of the sunglasses released earlier this year began with four principals:

  1. Focus on the entire system of product creation, from materials to manufacturing to packaging.
  2. Streamline the design so that there are only a few products in production, each with a unisex design to serve as many people as possible.
  3. Combine function and fashion with a high-performing lens.
  4. Focus on durability for a product that won’t end up in the landfill anytime soon.

models wear clear framed sunglasses at the beach

Rather than relying on cheap synthetic materials that have become mainstream in the industry, Just Human sources material for the frames from softwood trees that are sustainably harvested and have earned FSC certification. The glass lenses are made from sand and minerals instead of petroleum-based plastic. Even the cutoffs from lens production are recycled and used for the next round of lens material. Pineapple leaf fibers (we’re hearing a lot about these lately!) and recycled water bottles make up the material for the case that house the sunglasses. The included cleaning cloth is produced using fabric made from 2.5 plastic water bottles. Carrying the eco-friendly idea through to the packaging, Just Human uses 100 percent post-consumer cardboard, eco-friendly inks and compostable tape made from wood pulp.

model wears clear sunglasses

Just Human understands that a focus on sustainability is a mute point if the product doesn’t meet the needs of the consumer so they’ve aimed to combine that focus with function and fashion. Incorporating sports technology into the lens allows them to filter out damaging UVs and glare while providing heat and scratch resistance.

model in ocean wears clear framed sunlasses

In the end, the goal is to provide a luxury product that will endure decades of use without impacting the planet. Wouldn’t it be nice if more companies adopted this simple philosophy?

+ Just Human

Images via Just Human

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