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Build a travel capsule wardrobe this summer

A new downloadable planner from Citizenne Style can help you create a 10-day fashion plan using minimal items.

Whenever the summer weather rolls around, I have aspirations of shaking up my personal style with edgy outfits and daring combinations, but it never quite pans out that way. I end up putting on the same couple pairs of shorts and handful of t-shirts most days.

While there’s nothing wrong with outfit repetition – in fact, I advocate for it on TreeHugger – the skilled personal stylists at Citizenne Style believe that a simple wardrobe does not have to be a boring one. In fact, they’ve created a useful tool to infuse your summer dressing with some fresh energy, all while reducing the number of pieces you need to do so.

The new Travel Capsule Planner is a step-by-step guide to creating a snazzy summer set of clothes that spans 10 days, can fit into an carry-on bag, and ensure you look at the top of your fashion game all season long. The planner, which is available for free download on the Citizenne Style website, contains tools to help you formulate your capsule, e.g. choosing patterns and textures, colours (main, neutral, accent), and quantities of specific items. These get written into a 10-day planner that takes weather forecasts and excursions into consideration.

Best of all? There is no incentive to shop. The goal is to work with what you already own: “We’re 90% sure what you need to pack is already in your closet! Save money, save the planet, and look good doing it.”

This planner is produced by the same talented people who created A Year of Great Style, a 52-week wardrobe planner that teaches women how to put together great outfits. While that publication is a worthwhile investment that delves deeply into topics such as building an ethical wardrobe, learning to blend textures and patterns, and analyzing what percentage of your clothes fall into different functional categories and whether these reflect your lifestyle habits, the Travel Capsule Planner might be a better place to start for people who are new to the concept of planning out one’s outfits.

You can download the planner and learn more about it here.

A new downloadable planner from Citizenne Style can help you create a 10-day fashion plan using minimal items.


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