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ABC Hails Ocasio-Cortez As Possible ‘Kingmaker’ In 2020 Dem Primary

aoc abc news

aoc abc news

Freshman New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become a darling of the liberal media because of her young age and unabashed promotion of socialism.

They celebrated her ludicrous Green New Deal while ignoring her many campaign finance violations and ethics questions.

Now, during Sunday’s Good Morning America and This Week, ABC chief White House correspondent Jon Karl hailed the influence the Congresswoman could have over the 2020 Democratic primary process and perhaps “play kingmaker” with her endorsement.

The fawning began on GMA, where co-anchor Dan Harris recalled that Ocasio-Cortez had “been vocal at times in her criticism of the Democratic front-runner”, former Vice President Joe Biden.

He wanted to know, “how much work is Biden going to have to do to in order win over AOC and her fans?” If he were to win the nomination, of course.

Karl gushed about how “you can argue that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the most sought-after endorsement in this Democratic primary. And it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Joe Biden wins her over in the primary.”

After suggesting that was “the big question”, Karl recounted how Ocasio-Cortez had already ripped Biden for claiming he had the most “progressive” record of the entire 2020 field.

“That is something we’ve already heard from AOC saying she thinks is completely ridiculous,” he noted.

At the top of This Week, Karl teased his interview with the Congresswoman with these superficial questions: “Who will she endorse? Will she play kingmaker in the 2020 Democratic primary?

Following the liberal media’s obligatory questions about impeaching President Trump, Karl dove into the 2020 endorsement hype. “All right, so let’s turn to the 2020 campaign. Are you going to endorse?” he asked with obvious excitement.

Despite Ocasio-Cortez’s repeated comments that she wasn’t ready to endorse yet, citing the lack of debates so far, Karl pressed her on the possibility of endorsing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, her socialist comrade:

KARL: Bernie Sanders just announced his list of New York endorsements. You obviously weren’t on that list because you’re not endorsing. Did he ask for your endorsement?


KARL: Would he have an edge? I mean, you volunteered for his campaign, he supported your campaign.

A short time later, Karl asked her if she felt “Democrats will lose to Donald Trump if they don’t nominate” “a true progressive”. Ocasio-Cortez thought there was a good chance her party could lose in 2020.

Citing the Congresswoman’s criticism of the large Democratic field and how she wanted to see candidates like former Congressman John Delaney “eliminated”, Karl was eager to know “who else should step out of this race?

ABC was really putting a lot of unearned influence in the hands of a freshman representative that had absolutely zero accomplishments in their career.

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