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Tim Melling – Baby Gentoo Penguin

Tim writes: this baby Gentoo Penguin was wide awake while its parent standing guard is seizing the opportunity for a little snooze.   They normally lay two eggs so it is likely that one egg or small chick will have been taken by a South Polar Skua. 

The parents share incubation and child-minding duties, having daily changeovers, while the other goes in search of krill.  When the chick is about a month old it leaves the nest to go into a creche with all the other chicks from the colony.  The parents recognise their own chick by its voice, which seems almost unbelievable among a creche of hundreds.  The chicks lose their down after about three months but have a rather bluish plumage, lacking the adult’s white bonnet. 

I photographed these at Neko Harbour on the Antarctic Peninsula.


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