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Opinion | Don’t allow yourself to grow complacent about global warming –

‘We will not let our children down,’ May says — May 18

I am a young person, but not as young as the students I teach. Some are as young as four. Being 26, I know that my life will be affected in different ways than theirs by the climate emergency we are currently in, and I understand that I simply don’t feel the issues in the same way they feel these issues, just as I cannot ever understand how it feels to be a person of colour today, a woman or Indigenous.

I think that there is a severe generational gap in how people feel about topics like global warming, the sixth mass extinction, plastics and the like. The youth today seem to be panicking, and the adults today seem to be “concerned.” I understand that other generations have lived through different issues — I’m only 26, and already I feel a little numb to headlines and news about the climate breakdown. This, however, results in inaction. We cannot let ourselves grow accustomed to what is happening. I recognize that if I do, I am letting down the children, my students and children around the world, who are begging for urgent climate action. The first step is to listen with an open heart.

Keenan Reimer-Watts