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Doorbell security cameras capture the best wildlife moments

The doorbell cam was created as a security measure, but one of its most popular uses has to do with intruders of a different kind: spying on visiting wildlife.

It’s such a popular pastime that many customers have installed additional cameras simply to make sure they don’t miss any nature moments.

Inside Edition put together a great compilation of these encounters in the video above.

The companies that make and sell these cameras have embraced the trend. Take the video below of an inquisitive bird.

It comes from Ring, a company that has a dedicated section on the company websitefor wildlife videos shared by customers.

It’s entertaining to watch all the different animals that make an appearance from cats and horses to a random alligator.

Another doorbell camera company, Vivint, has a similar page, which includes the pumpkin-nibbling moose seen in the footage above.

This is one internet deep dive that could keep animals lovers busy for hours.

Ben Bolton looks at everything through a video lens.

Doorbell security cameras capture the best wildlife moments

You’ll be surprised to see what kind of creatures pop up at people’s doors in these doorbell security camera videos.


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