Hungry bear climbs 25 feet up to an osprey nest looking for lunch

Ospreys have been around for more than 11 million years. And over the course of that time, those ospreys have dealt with a hungry predator or two.

Take the video above for example. A live camera from captures the moment when a black bear tries to climb up to an osprey nest to find a snack.

This popular nest is located in Charlo, Montana, and is 25 feet above the ground. The bear makes short work of the climb, getting mighty close to getting the osprey’s three eggs.

The osprey couple that live here is known by watchers as Charlie and Charlotte. You can see when the video starts that both birds become frantic when the bear appears, and they do their best to scare off the bear.

Luckily, the bird couple is successful, as none of the eggs are harmed during the encounter. In fact, the three eggs are expected to hatch in June.

This nest camera is the result of a partnership between and the Owl Research Institute (ORI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the scientific research of owls.

Be sure to check out MNN and around June 10th for live coverage of the osprey eggs hatching!

Ben Bolton looks at everything through a video lens.

Hungry bear climbs 25 feet up to an osprey nest looking for lunch

A live camera from captures a bear climbing up a 25-foot pole toward an osprey nest. Check out the bear-bird interaction.


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