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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Could someone with more knowledge help me understand this a bit better.

I would like to start off by saying two things:

  1. I am not a climate change denier, and I highly doubt I ever would be. It would be absurd to say that nearly 8 billion people post-industrial revolution wouldn’t have an impact on a tiny little boulder

  2. When you answer, please for the love of god leave a citation.

-Okay! So the table that I posted (which has a large list of citations which i’ll post after) states that:The majority (36%) of the greenhouse effect is from water vapor, which is not attributed by humans

-It also states that: the gas that we attribute the MOST of at 62% (methane) is completely unknown how much it contributes to the greenhouse effect.

After listening to lots of debate on climate change, I noticed most people actually go towards the C02 direction. Which makes more sense because we actually know how much C02 contributes to the green house effect. It states that C02 makes up 12% of the Greenhouse gas effect, that humans make up 28% of that emission and as i’ve read else where that 64% of what humans attribute to c02 emissions is from the burning of fossil fuels.

So far there’s only a few things I can take from this

  1. The greenhouse gas we emit the most, is unknown in how much it contributes to the GHG effect

  2. The GHG that we can actually put some numbers to presents (what I interpret as, could be wrong) a medium effect compared to the entirety of all the contributing gasses. And that burning fossil fuels IS the problem when it comes to said emission.

Now here’s my real question I would like answered:

I’ve asked a million times, and i’ve been met with nothing but hostility and lack of concrete answers when asking this. What percentage have humans contributed to global warming compared to nature, and how long do we have left until the planet is unlivable? I have a very big problem with the fact that people can not answer this for me with tangible numbers. I have a problem with this because we can measure redshift to find out how far a galaxy is at cosmological levels. We’ve discovered through math the existence of black holes. We can smash atoms together and decipher pin point measurements in how our subatomic world works. But yet I can not get a straight answer, a function of how global warming is impacted by humans, and how long we have. This is something that is much more measurable and tangible than quarks, strings and neutrinos. And I think it does a huge disservice to all the people who are conscientious about climate change.


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