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Climate Geoengineering Coming To A Pole Near You

climate geoengineering

climate geoengineering

Mention the words ‘climate change’ or ‘climate emergency’ and climate scientists and ‘entrepreneurs’ are drooling in anticipation of the research grants, subsidies and investment grants which will keep them in luxury for years.

Now scientists at the University of Cambridge plan to set up a research center to develop new ways to repair the Earth’s climate.

These include refreezing the poles, removing CO2 from the atmosphere and fertilizing the sea with iron salts to promote the growth of plankton.

Over the years there has been failure after failure with climate schemes but still, the government plows in more taxpayers’ money.

Remember Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) which was going to ‘save the planet’? A costly failure.

Remember Salter’s Duck, a device that converts wave power to electricity? Another non-starter.

Then there was the idea of dropping weights down a disused mineshaft to turn a generator and produce electricity. Gravitricity received £650,000 in government grants but has produced no grid electricity so far.

Pride of place must go to Kite Power Systems who were proposing to fly kites to produce electricity. I think they were told: ‘Go fly a kite’.

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