UN Officially Relegates Climate Change To A Second-Tier Threat

Shrimp Fishing Gulf Of Mexico

Shrimp Fishing Gulf Of Mexico

The BBC has just reported on the newly published Summary for Policy Makers of the as yet unpublished UN 1,800-page global assessment of nature compiled by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

The two-day-old ‘climate crisis’, so recently [not] declared by the British government has already been knocked off the top spot as far as existential crises are concerned and officially languishes in third place, in the Second Division.

Land use change is now Premier Division. However, unlike action on the ‘climate crisis’, which has become a $1.5 trillion industry, action on land use change has been negligible to non-existent.

Even hunting (legal and non-legal) and the direct exploitation of wildlife is one division above climate change in terms of the threat to biodiversity.

Bugger all has been done to address these threats too, relatively speaking, during the last three decades, whereas trillions have been thrown at ineffective, and socially, economically and environmentally damaging attempts to limit global warming to 2C (and latterly 1.5C). I warned about this three years ago.

They just expect us to ignore this devastating indictment of international policy, shrug our shoulders and now accept the new recommendations for ‘saving the planet’ (eating less meat and getting rid of your dog!).

It’s not going to happen. People will be angry – very angry – at being so dreadfully misled for so long by finger-in-the-pie climate doom merchants and they are going to be even more skeptical about the claims of imminent catastrophe now being advanced by the new merchants of doom at the UN.

The BBC does seem to be just a little concerned maybe that it might be about to lose its favorite environmental hobby horse with which it has scared us all for so many years and so recently and notably with the much-heralded broadcast of Attenborough’s Climate Change – The Facts.

They’re gonna have to get the old boy to do a swift follow up program soon: Biodiversity – The Even More Shocking Facts.

Is this worse than climate change?

Climate change is a crucial underlying factor that’s helping to drive destruction around the world.

Greenhouse gas emissions have doubled since 1980 and temperatures have gone up 0.7C as a result. This is having a big impact on some species, restricting their ranges and making extinction more likely.

The global assessment finds that if temperatures go up by 2C, then 5% of species are at risk of climate-driven extinction, rising to 16% if the world warms by 4.3C.

“Of the prioritised list of proximate drivers of biodiversity decline, climate change is only number three,” said Prof John Spicer from the University of Plymouth.

“Climate change is certainly one of the greatest threats that face humankind in the near future – so what does that tell us about the first and second, changes in land/sea use, and direct exploitation? The current situation is desperate and has been for some time.”

The report’s authors hope that their assessment becomes as critical to the argument about biodiversity loss as the IPCC report on 1.5C has done to the debate over climate change.

They must be a bit miffed at the Beeb, having just invested so much effort into misleading the public about the existential threat of climate change and no doubt helping to get a ‘climate emergency’ [not] declared.

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