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SNH says ‘no’ to Strathbraan Raven cull

Raven. Photo: Tim Melling

Raven. Photo: Tim Melling

Excellent news from Raptor Persecution UK – SNH rejects 2019 licence application for Strathbraan Raven cull.

That’s good news on which to end the week. Well done to Ruth Tingay and the Scottish Raptor Study Group for taking their challenge. I’m glad I contributed to their crowdfunder.

But what are our statutory nature conservation agencies doing to get themselves into such disastrous messes where they are regularly being shown to be standing on the wrong side of the laws relating to wildlife protection? Why was there a Raven cull in Strathbraan last year when the science behind the cull was so appallingly absent? Not weak, absent. See SNH admit Raven cull error but fail to apologise for it and That damning report on the Raven cull (both from July last year).

SNH have done the right thing this year, but the correspondence revealed on the RPUK blog makes it look as though SNH are very shy about telling the world what they’ve done and why they’ve done it, so it’s difficult to feel kindly to them even when they do the right thing. And no-one thinks, do they, that this would have happened without a small group of individuals (not any of the large powerful nature conservation organisations) taking tough legal action and continuing to follow it up?

Again, well done Ruth and the Scottish Raptor Study Group!