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What the RSPB says about the General Licences

Have a look at this by RSPB Conservation Director, Martin Harper.

Here are some quotes:

Like everyone, I was surprised by Natural England’s decision to revoke the General Licence at such short notice after the legal proceedings by Wild Justice. The following media and online frenzy has thrown up so much misinformation and inaccuracies that it is hard for those not immersed in this stuff to really know what’s going on.

So, what do I think about the current events? I see this is a positive step in the right direction (albeit imperfectly executed). We have been calling for greater clarity and have had concerns about the robustness of the licencing process for some time. Indeed, there is an argument that the entire General Licensing system is incapable of compliance with international law.

… licences should only be issued when there is no other option, and when non-lethal alternatives have been exhausted. And that is how we have used them.

RSPB is proud to have Chris as one of its Vice Presidents. He’s a genuinely nice guy, trying to do what is best for nature. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and passionate and is one of the UK’s foremost spokespeople on wildlife. I’m sure that if there were more people like him, then our nature would be better off.

The legal challenge of the General Licence was not an attempt to change the law, rather ensure that it was upheld.

RSPB is lucky to have Chris Packham as our Vice President

Can’t argue with that – though some will, no doubt.