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Majority of Britons Believe Climate-Change Could End Human Race:  Poll – By Bill McKibben

Much of central London was shut down for a week by a group called Extinction Rebellion, which camped in the streets, Occupy-style.(Photograph Credit: WIktor Szymanowicz / NurPhoto / Getty) Click to Enlarge.

A Majority of Britons Believe that Climate-Change Could End the Human Race, a Poll Showed on Wednesday After Days of High-Profile Protests by  Activists Thrust Global Warming onto the Political Agenda.

Extinction Rebellion disrupted London with 11 days of protests that it cast as the biggest act of civil disobedience in recent British history.

The group set up camps which blocked off major roads in the capital, disrupted transport and targeted major institutions such as Goldman Sachs and Shell.

Following the protests, 54 percent of adults agreed that climate-change threatens our extinction as a species, a poll by Comres found, compared to just a quarter who disagreed.

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