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UK Labor Party Ratchets Up Climate Fight as Green New Deal Goes Global

The party is pushing for a vote this week that would make Parliament the first national legislature in the world to declare a climate emergency.

 U.K. Labour leader Jeremey Corbyn is making climate change a key plank of his pitch to be the next prime minister. (Credit: Press Association) Click to Enlarge.

The United Kingdom’s Labor Party is ramping up its climate proposals, making the crisis a central issue amid a wave of protests and new signs that the ruling Conservative Party is failing to cut emissions fast enough. 

The opposition party, led by socialist firebrand Jeremy Corbyn, plans to force a vote this week on whether to declare climate change a national emergency.  Its officials backed the Extinction Rebellion, the grassroots climate group that blockaded four landmarks in London and threatened to disrupt public transit in a days-long civil disobedience protest last week.  And now its parliamentarians are promising a Green New Deal modeled on the movement quickly gaining steam among left-wing Democrats in the United States.

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