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Canadian firefighter rescues cougar from tree

Firefighters know it’s a slow day when the call comes in to rescue a cat out of a tree. But sometimes, the cat in question changes the equation.

Trevor Partlo, a firefighter in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, got the call this week to climb up a tree and bring down a very large cougar.

The frightened, young male cougar was wandering near the Gorge Waterway. Conservation officers and police worked together to locate and move the cougar away from such a public area.

Conservation officers tranquilized the cougar so it could be safely relocated. Once the animal was sound asleep, Partlo had to climb up and get him — and you better believe he made sure the 80-pound cougar was sound asleep.

“Don’t fall, and just make sure he’s asleep,” Partlo told CTV News in Vancouver Island. “I gave him a little pet just to make sure he didn’t do anything.”

Once the cougar and Partlo were on the ground, the conservation officers conducted a medical check. They then found a remote area in the wild where the cougar could be released.

The encounter is one both Partlo and his cougar acquaintance surely won’t forget any time soon.

Ben Bolton looks at everything through a video lens.

Canadian firefighter rescues cougar from tree

Firefighter in British Columbia helps rescue a large cougar from a tree and carries it down — after the feline was sedated, of course.