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How Scientists Prove Global Warming Is Real

In climate science, “evidence” is “computer predictions.” Like when scientists predicted the end of snow in Australia 30 years ago and the demise of kangaroos.

Sea-levels are expected to rise by between 0.5 and 1.5 metres

Australia’s snowfields are likely to disappear, native animals would be driven to extinction

australia end of snow kangaroos

27 Dec 1989 – Global warming: the evidence – Trove

The situation is so bad, that you can now purchase Australian ski areas for less than one hundred million dollars.

vail resorts for sale

vail resorts for sale 2

Vail to Buy Hotham Alpine Resort And Falls Creek In Australia

Sea level in Sydney Harbour has risen a terrifying zero cm over the past 130 years.

sydney harbor today

sydney harbor 130

I spent much of my life designing computers, and never once saw them predict anything. Climate predictions are made by humans seeking political objectives and/or funding.

Blaming computers for the bad behavior of humans doesn’t seem appropriate.

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