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Global warming: belief vs measure | Letters | – Ravalli Republic

Recent opinion letters have expressed doubt or disbelief about the cause of global warming. It should not, must not, be a matter of belief or opinion. It should be about comprehension and understanding.

Climate change has been a subject of concern and speculation for centuries. Modern recording, instrumentation and measurement have reduced the uncertainty. As instrumentation and observation advanced with the development of high-capacity computing, it became possible to realize trends in global temperature.

As these effects became more obvious, so did the commitment of certain industrial organizations to suppress interest and action to reduce the risks of climate change.

Data refuting the hypotheses of legitimate climate science are never presented. Some political cranks concocted nonsensical petitions denying that global warming was even possible as if the number of signatures mattered.

“Do you believe in global warming?” is a silly question. Belief should not be the basis for any policy when sound information and measurements are available.

There are many good sites on the internet that can help us understand the science, the methodology and the conclusions of investigation. A good place to start is

Mel Holloway,