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Your Views: Live differently to combat global warming – Gazettextra

If someone sees a problem coming and reacts early enough, the problem is often easy to deal with. Examples are a ship and an iceberg, saving for retirement or dealing with climate change.

If you are blessed enough to make money at 25 and wise enough to start saving then, retirement is no challenge.

If we had started keeping down fossil fuel consumption in 1965 when we first knew we needed to, things would be different now. We would have saved hundreds of billions of dollars in oil imports, uncountable sums in improved health, and had fewer and weaker hurricanes, floods, droughts and fires. American technology would be world-dominant in alternative energy.

There is no reason to think we would have been less happy.

We are in the position of a 50-year-old who is just starting to think about retirement. It is not too late. If we start taking it seriously, we can come out OK.

Combating global warming is not about doing without; it is about doing things differently, at least for now. We can still live well, drive well and have a robust economy.

If we wait a few more years, large sacrifices will be necessary. A few years after that, the sacrifices will come to us, and we won’t have a choice anymore.