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Teachers Are Scaring And Misleading Kids Over Climate Change

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A primary schoolteacher abused her position to scare Greta Thunberg about climate change when she was around eight years old:

The most visible child climate change activist is Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg.

She recently publicly admitted to having been indoctrinated into fearing climate change by elementary school teachers.

In her words, “I first heard about this when I was 7, 8, or 9 years old. In school, the teacher explained what climate change was and how it was caused and they showed us pictures of starving polar bears.”

Elementary school teachers have a fixed and well-defined curriculum of things like language, grammar, arithmetic, and so on.

This curriculum does not include climate science and these teachers are not qualified to teach climate science.

So, pictures of starving polar bears knocked poor Greta over the edge. No-one near her was able, or perhaps even willing to help her. A simple dose of the truth might have done the trick: ‘Hey Greta, the polar bears are actually doing OK.’

Here’s a telling post from Paul Homewood:

Pictures Of Starving Polar Bears Convinced Me

By Paul Homewood

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And where did she get this strange idea from? As she relates, her teachers at school told her, when she was about eight.’

It Is Time for Parents to Go on the Offensive

Propaganda is deep in the school systems in many places, almost always it would seem because of leftwing ideologues, and compliant teaching and administrative staff.

Climate variation is arguably of no real interest to them, but it appeals greatly as a vehicle to produce fear and in due course threaten society.

Here is a recent example of an extreme ideologue having been commissioned by a major publisher in the States to write a textbook on US history:

It is now time for parents to study the textbooks given to their children, and to be ready to make strong complaints when they find blatant propaganda instead of educational content.  Why should anyone tolerate malevolent people targeting their children’s minds with warped opinions from within the school system?

As Sarah Hoyt points out:

If you don’t read your kids’ textbooks, and don’t have other books and evidence ready to refute this sort of thing — and please note this stuff goes on in both public and private schools — you’re falling down on your job.

You might have your reasons, but you should also be aware you’re failing your kids.

I shall finish this post with another quote from the Thai blog from which the opening quote above was taken:

Rather than be the accusers of the fossil fuel industry as evil activists who are trying to keep elementary school teachers from teaching climate science to elementary school students, climate scientists should look in a mirror.

There, they will see the evil of child abuse and child exploitation to further their activism against fossil fuels.

The scary reality of climate change is that someday these charges and related lawsuits will be brought against the perpetrators of these crimes against children to shore up a failed case against fossil fuels that their own science is unable to defend.

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