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Carrion Crows – new licensing regulations

Lizzybusy says:

In view of the success of the legal challenge, I can’t see how Natural England are now able to operate ANY general licences.

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, S16

(1A)The appropriate authority—

(a)shall not grant a licence for any purpose mentioned in subsection (1) unless it is satisfied that, as regards that purpose, there is no other satisfactory solution;

Surely this means that Natural England should see the application BEFORE the licence is granted otherwise how can it be satisfied (ie convinced) that there is no other solution to the claimed problem.

S8. states that GL26 can be used if the users can demonstrate “if asked” by a Natural England Officer or Police Officer that they comply with the terms of the licence. That, to me, sounds like post approval rather than prior approval.

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