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California Scamming: Restaurants Are Adding A Climate Change Fee To Your Bill

restaurant eating people

restaurant eating people

CCD Editor’s Note: California’s major West Coast cities are turning into third-world countries (at 13:45 mark) due to drug-addled homeless people and mentally ill vagrants living and excreting on public property. Mayors have told the police to stand down, turning these cities into magnets. Many restaurants are struggling to keep them away from their entrances. So what do they do about it? Charge customers in restaurants to fight…global warming. #

People eating at California restaurants may notice a new fee on their bill – a small surcharge to support efforts to fight climate change.

Restaurants across the state can choose to opt-in to add a 1% charge on diners’ bill to help support the Restore California Renewable Restaurant program.

According to the program, the fee will go into California’s Healthy Soil Carbon Fund. It will also help pay farmers $10 per ton of carbon [dioxide] removed from the atmosphere to help them transition to renewable farming practices.

“Restore California closes the economic loop between producers and consumers, creating a renewable food system,” according to a description of the program on its website.

Customers can decline to pay the fee if they tell their servers to remove it.

Anthony Myint, the founder of the nonprofit Perennial Farming Initiative, the group launching the program, told KTVU-TV that climate change is a “massive” issue.

“This issue of climate change is obviously massive, and future generations don’t have the chance to opt out,” Myint said. “We as chefs want to do the right thing, and shopping organic and at farmers markets doesn’t really feel like enough.”

Myint said that if every restaurant in the state participated, it would raise $1 billion annually and if 1 in 100 participated, $10 million would be raised annually.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that organizers hope to enlist 200 restaurants statewide by the end of the year and that the program is expected to begin in the fall.

Myint’s restaurant, Mission Chinese in San Francisco, has been adding a 3% surcharge to bills for the last six months, KGO-TV reported.

It takes about 10 to 15 cents per diner to offset the restaurant’s carbon footprint. The business has raised about $18,000, which is given to sustainable farming projects.

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