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What they are saying about the General Licences (2)

Natural England is hiding from the media and hasn’t given a single interview about the general licences as far as I can see.

I’ve just been on Farming Today talking about this subject – as was Minette Batters – and I expressed sympathy for land managers over the position they are in thanks to Natural England’s handling of the matter.

Later this morning – after 0830 – I may be on Today on Radio 4.

Daily TelegraphFarmers banned from shooting birds on their land after Natural England backs down in face of Chris Packham challenge – Chris is quoted.

BirdguidesNatural England forced to revoke General Licences

Farmers GuardianNE stops farmers from shooting crows and pigeons to protect crops includes more criticism of Natural England and a quote from George Dunn where he says that he thought that Wild Justice’s challenge to the General Licences was ‘a stab in the dark’.

See what Wild Justice says and what it actually did:

Statement by Wild Justice.

Wild Justice’s legal challenge – how the case progressed.

Wild Justice’s legal challenge – what happens now?