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Not so nice people

Here is a selection of messages that Wild Justice has received over the last couple of days since news of our General Licence victory has emerged:

  1. What a bunch of tossers you lot really are you couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery 
  2. Fuck off
  3. Are you aware that your fantastic legal work on the ban of the general licence has only caused more and more people to dislike your and Chris packham work? 
  4. Legal attack towards natural England and genuine conversationalists. Can you guys please explain how on earth you think the latest attack you have made regarding general licenses to cull vermin will have any type of positive effect on the countryside? I am not a shooter however i have lived in a beautiful area and been involved in conservation for many years, of which i can assure you ALOT more is involved than the dipstick on BBC thinks he is aware of.