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Here is a selection of messages that Wild Justice has received over the last couple of days since news of our General Licence victory has emerged:

  • Having just seen the news item on the BBC regarding the despicable targeting of Chris Packham I thought I’d write to assure you there must be lots of other people like me who now know about the existence of Wild Justice and want to support your campaigns.  I’ve just made a donation of £50 and joined your newsletter list and I do hope the publicity prompts other people to do the same.  Nice to hope that these morons have possibly had the opposite effect to what they would have wanted….
  • Just to say keep up the good work.
  • Oh it is nice to hear someone so polite and coherent on the Jeremy Vine show for a change! Well done to you – and to Guy – for having such a respectful and informative discussion, and congratulations on your victory!
  • I am very pleased and grateful that your legal challenge has resulted in the revoking the 2019 General Licences.
  • This is just a note to thank you for your work in getting the gen. licensing law overturned.  It’s impressive that such a new body has achieved this in so short a time.  I too have a lifelong interest in birds having done voluntary work for the BTO and RSPB.  Corvids are my favourite birds.  I think the petition to try to have Chris sacked from the BBC is appalling and shows the level to which the ignorant will stoop in their attempts to stop free speech and rightful public protest.  I will sign up for your newsletter and will be making a donation next payday! 
  • Well done on the victory against shooting licences. I am appalled by the weasel words of BASC (“Will you also condemn the illegal behaviour of people who target legitimate rural businesses”) as if game farms have any place in a civilsed culture, and also by the nasty, sinister and would-be intimidating action at Chris’s gate.
  • Just wish to say carry on the good work.  Chris Packham, along with you all, is amazing and such a strong person and I admire the work you all do.
  • Just want to say I agree with your stance on challenging the general licences. The Crow is becoming a real favourite of mine, I enjoy watching them, they are quite mesmerising  and I know other people do too. I just love wild life, it’s people that are the real problem
  • Congratulations all of you for standing up for wildlife and winning!!