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Natural England – where are you?

I’ve spoken to quite a few journalists over the last couple of days – all have said that Natural England is refusing to comment on the General Licence issue.

I find this shocking – if Natural England won’t talk about it then Defra should. But Natural England should. Where is their Chair? Their Chief Exec? Anyone?

Public accountability?

This article on the fieldsports website Guns and Pegs is very interesting. Especially read the quote from Rishi Sunak MP and especially the paragraph starting ‘Why are we here? ‘.

Here are a few questions for NE to answer:

  1. Have you ever had legal advice before Wild Justice’s challenge that the General Licences were of doubtful legality?
  2. When did you first receive legal advice that said that Wild Justice’s challenge was sound?
  3. Was this discussed at the NE Board meeting of 15 April?
  4. Why did it take so long after that time to announce the revocation of the General Licences?
  5. Why was the revocation done with such little time between announcement and activation?
  6. What’s the new plan?

If you just want a laugh, a really big laugh, read the political ‘analysis’ on the fieldsportstv website here. Made my day.