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Data Show March Mean Temps Have Not Been Warming As Alarmists Claimed

sweden crops growing season

sweden crops growing season

Today we’ll take a look at March mean temperatures and their trends for some locations for which almost complete data are available from the Japan Meteorology Agency (JMA).

Though March is only a single month, it is important because we often hear how spring is supposedly arriving earlier due to global warming, and as a result, winters will get shorter before disappearing altogether, according to some alarmist “experts.”

The arrival of spring is also important because the length of the growing season depends on it.

No trend in Canada in 30 years

What follows first is the chart for March mean temperature for nine stations scattered over Canada. These stations were selected because they are the very few that have almost complete data sets going back three decades.

Canada March mean temps

Data source: JMA

As the chart for Canada shows, spring, in reality, is not arriving earlier and the country’s already short growing season has remained short for 30 years.

Ireland springs cooling

Next, we look at Ireland, where the data were complete enough at six stations:

ireland march mean temps

Data source: JMA

In Ireland, the Northeast Atlantic island has seen its spring cooling since 1983, a total of 37 years. Moreover, the downward trend has even accelerated since the late 1990s.

Flat in France

Moving to continental western Europe in France, and looking at the JMA data from six stations scattered across the country, we have the following plot:

France March mean temp

Data source: JMA

Here we see the spring month of March has not seen any warming in over 30 years.

Sweden growing season shortening?

Finally, we look at data for March from five quality data stations from the JMA database from the Scandinavian country of Sweden:

Sweden March mean temp

Data source: JMA.

In Sweden, we see that March has cooled off over the past 30 years, which points to the potentially bad news of shortening growing seasons there.

Although this is only a random sampling of data from the Northern Hemisphere, they show that alarmist claims made by global warmists are more hype than reality.

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