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Letter: Global warming | Opinion – Roanoke Times

Did you hear the one about a log floating down the river with 20,000 ants on it? Brings to mind the controversial issue of global warming.

We need to be reminded it happens about this time every 100,000 years or so during inter-glacial periods. The cycle has been going on for a million years with the last six cycles well documented in geologic records. In fact, during past warming periods the sea level rose several hundred feet. That accounts for fossil sharks’ teeth falling out of Horse Head Cliffs at the Westmoreland State Park on the Potomac. And, whale bone fossils eroding out of the cliffs at Calvert Cliffs State Park in Maryland. (Note to Pols, both are a short drive from D.C.). The present inter-glacial warming period began a mere 15,000 years ago.

Fifteen thousand years ago the ice at Glacier National Park was 6,000 feet deep with only the mountain tips appearing above. Then the big melt started. That’s when the ice damn at Glacial Lake Missoula let go releasing 500 cubic miles of water that carved out the Columbia River Gorge on its way to the Pacific. The “Spokane floods”, as geologists refer to them.

Did humans cause the previous glacial cycles? Hardly. At least the few that were around didn’t take credit as far as we know.

Are humans aggravating the present cycle? Maybe. There’s a lot more of us now. One thing is certain: This is the first inter-glacial warming period witnessed by Ph.Ds. It’s also the first one politicized with arm flailing hot air rants from sanctimonious Democrat politicians and wannabees. When you don’t have real policies (the border, trade, infrastructure), rant about something few have studied. Pitiful.

Is the U.S. responsible? Well, we don’t make as much in the States anymore. Thanks to past politicians most manufacturing is elsewhere on the globe as documented by our trade imbalance. There are not many, if any, global warming marches in China, or Korea, or India or wherever.

About that log, every ant thought it was steering.



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