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Extinction Rebellion spreads to North America

But London is the epicenter, and the city has never seen anything like it.

There is such a cognitive dissonance in this world between those who are fighting to stop climate change with the Extinction Rebellion, and those who are actively encouraging it, like the Alberta politicians who were elected yesterday, ready to battle for pipelines and against carbon taxes. They should be looking instead at what is happening in London and even New York City, as people rise up to deliver the message that something must be done.

In London, the police are moving in to clear out protesters from Parliament square. There seem to be thousands of them, and so far it all seems peaceful; they are not dressed in riot gear and they appear to be gently picking people up and carrying them away. But things can change.

Participants are evidently prepapred to be evicted.

Protests in Boston are not nearly so dramatic.

Freiberg, Germany sure has a lot of bikes.

And Edinburgh sure has a lot of police.

In New York City, the roads around City Hall are blocked. How will the Mayor get from his gym in Brooklyn?

I sit here and wonder, how people in North America can elect carbon arsonists who just want to flare more gas and burn more oil and not worry about what is happening, when as Greta says, our house is on fire and we have to do something now. I give the last words to her.

But London is the epicenter, and the city has never seen anything like it. Climate arsonists should take notice.


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