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You don’t see this very often…

I went back to check on a paper on heather burning which was published a few years ago and found that something had been added to it.

10 January 2019
In the version of this Article originally published, the authors neglected to include information on Competing Interests; this has now been included in all versions of the Article.

You don’t often see this type of notice on a published paper so it obviously grabbed my attention, slightly more than the paper then did. It had slipped my notice that Prof Rob Marrs was so involved with the Heather Trust and with GWCT. Interesting.

And this line in the fairly recently added material caught my eye

R.H.M. was an expert witness in a public inquiry on Heather Burning in 2012, supporting a private client.

A public enquiry into heather burning in 2012? There can’t have been many of them, in fact I can only recall one – that regarding Walshaw Moor. I wonder who the private client may have been?


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