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Roker Scolds ‘Climate Deniers’ On Parenting: ‘Think Of Your Children’

al roker climate childrenWhile touting a new People magazine story about his recent trip to Alaska to warn of the dangers of climate change, during the Third Hour Today show on Thursday, NBC weatherman Al Roker lectured “climate deniers” to abandon their skepticism and think “about your grandchildren and your children.”

“We’ve got Mr. Cool right here, in People magazine, talking about climate change,” fellow 9:00 a.m. ET hour co-host and meteorologist Dylan Dreyer gushed at the beginning of the discussion.

She added: “It’s really awesome that they picked it up and what you did….up in Alaska.” Co-host Craig Melvin praised: “That’s a great spread, too.”

An image appeared on the screen of the glossy magazine profile with the headline: “Al Roker’s Climate Crusade.”

The sub-headline cheered: “An outspoken activist on global warming, the Today weatherman heads to Alaska to expose the effects of Climate Change.”

A pull-quote featured from Roker urged: “We have to take action.”

Roker fondly recalled that the writer he talked to from People, Casey Baker, “just really loves climate and was very excited about what we were doing.”

Melvin applauded his colleague’s activism on the issue: “I do love that you have made this – and your platform is massive – I love that you have made this your cause.”

It was at that point that Roker climbed atop his soapbox and admonished “climate deniers” who had a difference of opinion:

Well, look, I think it’s – even if you’re one of these climate deniers, if you don’t care about yourself, how about your grandchildren and your children?

Because this is an issue. I was so thrilled Prince Harry yesterday mentioning that the two things that he’s most concerned about, mental health and climate change.

It’s a big deal. It’s happening. And what we tried to bring to people that, what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic. It is affecting our entire planet.

Roker has indeed spent years pushing the climate change agenda. In December, he even preached that it was a “sin” not to address the issue.

Read full transcript at NewsBusters

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