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13 mostly indestructible dog toys

Most dogs love toys. Not only do they like to play with them, but they adore the challenge of trying to tear them apart. They want to de-stuff, de-squeak and destroy every plush animal, ball or bone tossed their way. Some toys barely survive a few minutes, others fare much better and become longtime favorites.

Here’s a look at an array of toys that seem to do an amazing job of surviving serious playtime, while still engaging their canine fans. Hopefully you’ll find something on the list that will keep your best friend entertained.

Classic Kong

dog carrying classic Kong Some dogs are happy just running around with a Classic Kong. (Photo: Kong)

Stuff this durable rubber toy with peanut butter or some other tasty treat and your dog should be distracted as he hunts for every morsel. Some dogs just like chewing on a Classic Kong, catching it or even just carrying it around. They come in several sizes and various durabilities and are often recommended by trainers and veterinarians to keep your dog from getting bored. Kong aficionados know to fill the toys with various concoctions — like peanut butter, cream cheese or chicken broth — and freeze them for longer-lasting appeal.

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

dog with Chuckit! ultraball The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is tough to destroy. (Photo: Chuckit! by Petmate)

If your dog has de-fuzzed a tennis ball on your living room floor, you know the importance of having a sturdier option. The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is made of extra-thick rubber and is designed to have “high bounce, high buoyancy, high visibility and high durability.” Plus it floats in water, comes in an assortment of sizes, and its bright orange color makes it easy to find no matter where you’re playing.

Fat Cat Classic Toy Ring

Fat Cat Chuck-a-Duck Fat Cat’s Classic Toy Rings can be flying discs or chew toys. (Photo: Fat Cat)

Made of heavy-duty rope and canvas, these silly and colorful Fat Cat Classic Toy Rings are made to be used like Frisbees. Send them flying and your dog can chase and catch them for hours of fun. But if chewing is really the only kind of exercise your pet has in mind, then these rings withstand a ton of gnawing. It will take a lot of serious work before your dog will be able to unravel the rope.

Outward Hound Invincibles Tough Seamz

Outward Hound Invincibles Tough Seamz toy with dog The Invincibles Tough Seamz toys have double-layered, double-stitched seams. (Photo: Outward Hound)

Your dog knows that to rip apart a stuffed toy, he has to work on the edges. So the good part about Invincibles Tough Seamz from Outward Hound is that the seams are double layered and double stitched, making it darn tough for your pet to make a dent. For the truly talented pups that manage to get inside, these toys have no stuffing plus they come with several squeakers that keep making noise, even if punctured.

Zogoflex Qwizl from West Paw

qwizl dog toy The Qwizl is good to stash treats or for fetching. (Photo: West Paw)

Pop a treat into the opening of this colorful toy and watch your dog figure out how to get it out. The award-winning Zogoflex Qwizl from West Paw is an extremely durable puzzle toy designed for powerful chewers and any dog that’s up for a stimulating challenge. If your dog likes the Qwizl, there are similar Zogoflex toys including the new Skamp, which is designed for tug-of-war and fetch.

goDog Dino

dog holding goDog dino The goDog dino has a bubble-like fabric that is tough but soft. (Photo: Mary Jo DiLonardo)

Made with something called Chew Guard Technology, these brightly colored critters have soft, bumpy, thick skin that helps them stand up to rough play. The smaller goDog dinos have a squeaker, and the larger toys make a grunting sound. If your dog isn’t the prehistoric type, there are all sorts of similar creatures including dragons and gators.

Aussie Naturals Tuff Mutts

Aussie Naturals Tuff Mutts elephant There’s a squeaker hidden inside this Tuff Mutts elephant. (Photo: Aussie Naturals)

These durable chew toys are made with natural wool, cotton rope and crunchy coconut fiber filler. Available as an elephant, giraffe or zebra, Aussie Naturals Tuff Mutts are constructed of four strong layers and an enticing squeaker for long-lasting fun.

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Planet Ball

Orbee Tuff Planet The Orbee Tuff Planet Ball comes in versions with or without a nylon rope for tugging. (Photo: Planet Dog)

Made out of 100 percent recyclable materials, the Orbee Tuff Planet Ball by Planet Dog is a durable, bouncy, colorful orb that floats and has a fresh, minty scent. Named the “world’s best dog ball” by some canine industry types, the ball also comes in a version with a tough, nylon cord if your pet prefers some sturdy games of tug or just wants something else to gnaw on.

Benebone chew toys

The Benebone Maplestick is made of maple wood and nylon. The Benebone Maplestick is made of maple wood and nylon. (Photo: Benebone)

For dogs that just need to chew and chew and chew, Benebone products are chew toys made of super-strong nylon and food-grade extras like bacon, peanuts, chicken, mint and maple wood. There are no chemicals or artificial flavors. The newest Maplestick, shown above, is made of only maple wood and nylon and has more “give” than the regular Benebone toys, making it a durable fetch and chewing toy.

Kong Cozie

Dog with Kong Cozie stuffed animal Durable Kong Cozies come in a menagerie of animals. (Photo: Kong)

No stuffed animals are indestructible, but plush creatures are a great choice for dogs who want to gnaw on a cuddly toy and not rip it to shreds. Kong Cozies are super soft and are made with an extra layer of material for added strength. They squeak, of course, and come in a colorful zoo of options, including a pink elephant, purple rhino and blue lion.

Fat Cat Terrible Nasty Scaries

Fat Cat Awful Mad Kitty Fat Cat’s Awful Mad Kitty is made of tough material. (Photo: Fat Cat by Petmate)

Maybe it’s just the expression on the kitty’s face, but dogs just seem to want to tear apart these toys. Fortunately, Fat Cat Terrible Nasty Scaries from Petmate are relatively tough, made from a durable fabric. Dogs can get a hold of those long legs and tail and shake to their delight. Occasionally, a seam will split and stuffing will explode, so these aren’t the best option for extreme chewers or for any dog that shares a home with a feline, because that would just be rude.

Nina Ottosson Puzzles from Outward Hound

Nina Ottosson dog puzzle Nina Ottosson puzzles come in varying degrees of difficulty. (Photo: Outward Hound)

These Swedish-designed toys probably aren’t for impatient pets who failed puppy training classes. Instead, Nina Ottosson puzzles from Outward Hound are more for smarty-pants pups who are up for the challenge of nosing open doors and moving levers to get the reward of finding treats. No, these aren’t indestructible chew toys or balls, but these puzzles will help while away some time for bored dogs or at least slow down eating time. They come in three different levels of challenges and, if your dog is frustrated, he may just pick up the puzzle in his teeth and shake it until all the treats fall out.

Kong Knots

Kong Wild Knots cardinal toy There’s a hidden rope toy under this cardinal’s fluffy exterior. (Photo: Kong)

These Kong Knots toys make everyone happy. There’s a rope toy combined with a fluffy outside to satisfy a dog’s need to chew. There’s a minimal amount of stuffing so if your dog finds a weakness, there’s very little mess to clean up. And there’s a squeaker, well, because there should always be a squeaker.

Mary Jo DiLonardo writes about everything from health to parenting — and anything that helps explain why her dog does what he does.

13 mostly indestructible dog toys

For dogs that love tearing apart their toys, here are some that are fun and hard to destroy.


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