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Surprising new video reveals great white shark hunting through a kelp forest

When researchers placed a camera on a great white shark in South Africa, they didn’t know they would capture behavior that had never been recorded before.

The video above shows a female shark swimming through a kelp forest in search of a seal.

Great whites are known for their hunting skill in the open ocean or even near the ocean surface. This new footage reveals their adaptability in finding prey in a very different environment.

Researchers discover sharks behavior in kelp This the great white shark with the camera tag attached. (Photo: Chapple et al. 2015 Animal Biotelemetry)

New data, pictures and videos from the study were published in The Royal Society by the research team, which included Dr. Salvador Jorgensen, a senior research scientist at Monterey Bay Aquarium, team leader Taylor Chapple of Stanford University and Murdoch University PhD student Oliver Jewell, among others.

Researchers thought they would observe the sharks waiting outside the kelp forest for a seal to emerge, but the revelation of the sharks ability to zigzag through a kelp forest with agility and force provided new information on how sharks use different environments to their advantage.

Great White Shark hunting in kelp Camera allows scientists to get new insight into shark behavior (Photo: Jewell et al. 2019 Biology Letters)

The study also reveals the subtly of a great white shark and how naturally calm and curious they can be — the opposite of how they are portrayed in popular movies and TV.

In this instance, the seal gets away unscathed, but seals in general appear to have one less safe place to hide from sharks.

Ben Bolton looks at everything through a video lens.

Surprising new video reveals great white shark hunting through a kelp forest

Surprising new video reveals great white sharks hunting through a kelp forest.


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