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Letters: Our creator, not man, is behind global warming – Des Moines Register


Allergy suffers may suffer longer due to climate change that is driving up temperatures making the growing season longer helping plants produce pollen earlier in the spring and later into the fall. Jennifer Corbett, Wilmington


Our creator, not man, is behind global warming

I concede that there is global warming, but I don’t believe the U.S. is the main culprit. Here’s why: The ice age ended 12,000 years ago, so one must ask — what caused its demise? There were no automobiles then to spoil the climate, nor any huge factories contaminating the air.

Also, how do we bring about the cooperation of other major polluters like China, India and others? Frankly, I believe that our creator, in his infinite wisdom, is the one responsible for these events, for purposes we don’t understand.

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— Max D. Isaacson, West Des Moines

Physical therapy really can reduce pain 

I had to comment in agreement after reading Christopher Hanfelt’s column [Expand the opioid debate to include safe, non-drug therapies].

I had been in nightly pain that interfered with restful sleep for 20 years after suffering an injury that almost broke my neck. I found the level of pain medication unacceptable that was required to help me sleep.

Two years ago, a physical therapist at the Des Moines Veterans Administration showed me one exercise that has all but alleviated my pain, and I now sleep through the night and seldom experience the pain in the daytime.

More: Iowa law enforcement officials say they’ve trained for accidental opioid exposure like Fort Dodge officer experienced

— Ray Thompson, West Des Moines

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To save lives, please stop speeding 

Why is it so difficult to understand that speeding is breaking the law? Driving while intoxicated, driving without a license, texting while driving and robbing a bank are against the law in the same sense. 

Speeding is a major contributor to traffic deaths and speed enforcement is considered to be a primary countermeasure for reducing traffic fatalities. Slowing traffic and automated enforcement are both strongly recommended by the Federal Highway Administration to reduce crashes and increased speed makes more crashes fatal. 

Traveling 10 mph or more over the limit is common in Iowa as are traffic deaths, so please just slow down to the limit.

More: Is Windsor Heights ready to pull the plug on its traffic cameras?

— Allan Demorest, Des Moines 


Biden backlash has gone too far

My friends and I believe that we know a gentleman when we see one, and former senator and vice president Joe Biden is a gentleman. We met Biden at well-attended public events in the lead-up to the 2008 election. He was courteous, dignified and warmly welcoming to all.

Yes, in the energized, crowded room there was touching of hands, shoulders and modest hugs and expressions shown as kindness and affection. Biden conveyed that each and every contact was important to him.

We did not consider this “inappropriate touching.” Some disagree and say we are in the midst of a “cultural shift.” If there is a shift, it is a downward shift. 

Must we now be guarded and suspicious of every courteous act, every proper greeting?  Is there to be no genuine expression of kindness, concern or affection?  We surely hope that answer is no.

More: Look at intention behind Biden’s ‘hands on’ approach with women

— Mary Beth Young, Mount Pleasant

Paid leave legislation helps the next generation 

I fully support the common-sense solution by Sens. Joni Ernst and Mike Lee for paid parental leave. The first few months caring for newborn children can put financial hardships on both natural and adoptive parents.

The Ernst/Lee Cradle Act is budget neutral, giving parents the option to use Social Security funds in lieu of paid leave when starting a family by delaying retirement. Rather than imposing new taxes to fund this proposed legislation, it’s implemented through existing funds.

Let’s hope this can be a bipartisan win for young working families and most important, our next generation

More: Sen. Joni Ernst introduces plans for paid family leave through retirement deferral

— Tom Mazza, Clive

Blocking constituents shouldn’t be allowed 

My congressman has blocked me for years from his official Facebook page. Although I live in Rep. Steve King’s district, he does not in any way represent my views.

However, blocking comments from myself and other dissenters is not just a disservice to us, but to all constituents from the 4th District. It distorts his picture of his district. It distorts others’ picture of our district as well.

King may want you to believe that we in the district are all rabidly anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican, anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-anything-but-white, but that is not the case.

A federal judge ruled against the president in his blocking of dissenters on his Twitter feed. If it is unconstitutional for Donald Trump to block critics, it should be unconstitutional for King , too.

More: Steve King: ‘Joe Biden is just an affectionate guy’

— Kathy Schnell, Belmond  


Iowan doesn’t want turbines in her backyard

I live in rural Iowa. We moved here because of the beauty of the open farmland and the larger-than-life night sky. This will all be ruined by industrial wind turbines.

If you are so enamored with 600-foot wind turbines, put them in your backyard – not mine.

More: Joni Ernst calls Trump’s wind turbine cancer claim ‘ridiculous’

— Bertha Mathis, Emmetsburg 

Kurtinitis needs to come back down to earth 

In his column debunking the Green New Deal, Joel Kurtinitis omits any reference to the melting of glaciers and the polar ice caps [Outlandish Green New Deal undermines honest climate-change discussion].  These are the most egregious results of global warming and its resultant climate change.

He also accuses Democrats of using climate change as a “power grab.” We plead guilty. Of course Democrats want power. We are working to win elections, as we did in the U.S. House last year. With power, we can begin to reverse the cruel and destructive policies of the current regime. 

Kurtinitis and other Libertarians should abandon their pretense of ideological purity and join us while we all still have a world to live in.

More: Let Green New Deal serve as a jobs and civilian-service program

— Rev. Cleveland Eugene Bryant, Des Moines 

Female athletes deserve the spotlight for once 

How disappointing it was to see the front-page arrangement of the Register Sports section on Sunday.

The largest headline and only photo on this front page concerned the University of Iowa football team. The biggest and most important story was in the lower right-hand corner of the page. Two of the members of the Iowa women’s basketball team, Megan Gustafson and coach Lisa Bluder were bestowed one of the highest honors in sports, the Naismith Trophy.

Had this award been given to members of any of the men’s teams in Iowa, I believe the largest headline and accompanying photo would have been given to those men. The Naismith is likened in the article to the Heisman Trophy in college football, and we all know how much front-page hype and press coverage surrounds the Heisman when no Iowa athlete is even involved.

This is 2019 and it is time to give women their equal share of accolades. 

More: Iowa’s Megan Gustafson, Iowa State’s Bridget Carleton named ESPN all-Americans

— Luanne Sweeney Baker, West Des Moines  


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