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Wind turbines – what do you think?

I do notice them, but they have become familiar now, whereas ten years ago they seemed strange and new.

I can see this bunch from my house, although it requires a bit of neck-stretching and straining to do so. This morning they were whizzing round in the wind (apart from one of them – there’s always one isn’t there?) and shining in the sun.

I was pleased to see them spinning round generating electricity, and I do think that they are interesting to look at and actually rather beautiful. Certainly more beautiful and interesting than the telegraph pole in the same image above.

There seems to be far less angst about wind turbines these days – do you agree or have I got that wrong?

A couple of hours later I was round the other side of these turbines and much closer to them.

If you ever pass along the A14 then these are the ones south of the road east of Kettering, and if you head south on the A6, as I did, they look like this…

What do you think about wind turbines and have your opinions changed at all over the years?


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