Bird Fair in decline?

I shall be at the 2019 Bird Fair on all three days – at least that is my intention.

The Bird Fair has been a part of my life for decades and it is a great, although imperfect, part of the year.

I rashly predicted that the Bird Fair would raise less money in 2018 than it had in 2017 and so I have put the figures for the last few years together. I was right.

Year Sum raised Sum raised adjusted for inflation
2018 322,000 287,500
2017 333,000 305,500
2016 350,000 333,300
2015 320,000 310,700
2014 280,000 274,500
2013 270,000 270,000

What this shows is that the sum of money raised by the 2018 Bird Fair for Birdlife International was the third highest ever in absolute terms but when inflation is taken into account then last year was more the fourth highest ever. Have we reached Peak Bird Fair – or maybe even started a decline?

I don’t mean this as a criticism of the Bird Fair, but it appears to be a fact.

Given that the Bird Fair this year will be up against a Countryfile Live event on the same weekend up in Yorkshire and I see that there are plans, which don’t appear incredibly advanced at the moment, for a London Wildlife Festival too, which will clash (sorry, I mean overlap) with Hen Harrier weekend, then the prospects for the 2019 Bird Fair recapturing its heights are challenging.


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