Sunday quotes (13)

A series of quotes relevant to the environment and/or campaigning.

Here are 10 quotes about Brexit.

  1. Brexit is for the richest in our country – they can afford recessions.
  2. Brexit was a fantastic example of a nation shooting itself full in the face.
  3. The government cannot be just consumed by Brexit – there is so much more to do.
  4. Brexit was the first brick that was knocked out of the establishment wall.
  5. This is a deal that a nation only signs after being defeated in war.
  6. F**k knows. I’m past caring. It’s like the living dead in here.
  7. There is a sense of resignation among most people who voted Remain that we have to ‘man up’ – even the women among us – and make the most of what we know will be a rotten Brexit.
  8. The British have chosen liberty with Brexit and can congratulate themselves every day.
  9. The day after we vote to leave we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want.
  10. We’re not really interested in a transition deal but we’ll consider one to be kind to the EU

Who said them? Answers below.

Answers: 1, George Osborne; 2, Hugh Grant; 3, Theresa May; 4, Nigel Farage; 5, Yanis Varoufakis; 6, an anonymous British cabinet minister when asked why Theresa May is going back to the House of Commons for another vote that she will lose; 7, Anna Soubry; 8, Marine Le Pen; 9, Michael Gove; 10, David Davis.


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