What’s with the Irish butter?

Pure Irish butter in Scotland.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been in far-flung parts of Scotland, England and Wales – but not Ireland (north or south).

I keep coming across this Lakeland Dairies butter at my breakfast tables. I haven’t found anything wrong with this butter but I am a bit puzzled as to its ubiquity.

In northeast Scotland the place where I came across this butter actually had a long provenance section on its menu telling me, convincingly and interestingly, all about where the bacon, sausages, steaks and fish came from. And, of course, they were all Scottish, and local according to what I read.

But the butter came from the Irish Republic. A bit odd? How many herds of dairy cows does one pass between Fraserburgh and Ireland?

Maybe after Brexit… Ah, I almost got through the proposed Brexit Day without mentioning it.

Pure Irish butter in Wales.


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