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BBC Examines Climate Change Anxiety That They Incited

Latest from Pravda:

bbc climate anxiety

An incredibly sad film about three young and obviously intelligent people who are suffering from “climate change anxiety.”

One of the guys sums up the whole thing when he says:

“We are already seeing coastal city flooding, we are already seeing forest fires, we are already seeing flash floods, we’re seeing tornadoes”.

If it is true that more people are suffering this anxiety, the fault lies squarely with the BBC and its fellow travelers, who have relentlessly pushed unjustified alarmism, fake news and failed to offer a balanced, fact-based coverage.

I’m no psychologist! But it seems to me that the basis of treating any anxiety or phobia is to get the patient to look at the realities of the situation, rather than their illusions.

If the guy who made the above statement was given the actual facts about sea level rise, forest fires, floods, and tornadoes, he would quickly come to realize that these are natural events and have little to do with climate change.

Instead, the BBC’s dopey psychologist who talks to them simply indulges their irrational fears.

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