Wayward NYC farm animals get a helping hand

Thanks to Tracey Stewart and volunteers with Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Team, a goat and sheep previously lost on the streets of New York City will soon live out their days on the rolling green pastures of the Finger Lakes region.

On March 19, Stewart –– who along with her husband, comedian Jon Stewart, owns a sprawling animal sanctuary in Colts Neck, New Jersey –– responded to a report of a goat found wandering a Bronx construction site. Much like the two goats the Stewart family helped rescue last August, it’s believed this 1-year-old female escaped from a nearby slaughterhouse.

“We have a really good relationship with the Stewarts,” Farm Sanctuary National Shelter Director Susie Coston told the Asbury Park Press. “Jon and Tracey usually just jump in and go do it (help with animal rescues). It’s really amazing. This time they came in in the middle of the night.”

The goat, named Alondra, was described as 'extremely friendly' by Farm Sanctuary staff. The goat, named Alondra, was described as ‘extremely friendly’ by Farm Sanctuary staff. (Photo: Farm Sanctuary)

The goat, named “Alondra” by the rescue team, was transported to the Manhattan location of Animal Care Centers of NYC and received treatment for a skin condition, overgrown hooves and possible infection from an ear tag. She will next be transported to Cornell University’s Nemo Farm Animal Hospital for a full medical exam before a short ride to a 300-acre shelter for abused and neglected farm animals in Watkins Glen, New York, owned and operated by Farm Sanctuary.

In a statement, Stewart praised the people from all walks of life who came together to help rescue an animal in need.

“The real heroes are the police officers — and in Alondra’s case, the sheep we rescued on Tuesday, the construction workers — that brought her to safety; the Animal Care Centers (ACC) of NYC, which takes in these animals no questions asked; and those who provide long-term quality care for these animals after the rescue,” she said. “I just did the easy part of picking up and transporting. These animals will now have exceptional care for the rest of their lives and the people who provide that care are the real heroes.”

Baack in action

The distressed sheep, later named 'Officer Cal,' was found tied to a tree in Coney Island Creek Park, NYC. The distressed sheep, later named ‘Officer Cal,’ was found tied to a tree in Coney Island Creek Park, NYC. (Photo: Farm Sanctuary)

Shortly after Alondra started her journey to Cornell, Stewart received another call –– this time about a sheep tied to a tree in Coney Island Creek Park. According to Farm Sanctuary, the animal advocate and author of the book “Do Unto Animals” wasted no time in arriving at ACC early Friday morning to pick up the distressed animal. Like Alondra, the sheep –– nicknamed “Officer Cal” –– will receive a full medical checkup before transport to Farm Sanctuary.

“Animal Care Centers of NYC has once again proven their commitment to the wellbeing of not just dogs and cats, but all animals in need in NYC,” praised Coston. “Farm animals like this sheep do not belong in NYC, and until we stop viewing living, feeling animals as unfeeling commodities, they will continue to be commoditized and transported into the city, where they will suffer terrible stress and cruelty. Science has shown that sheep, and all farm animals, are emotionally and cognitively complex individuals.”

Officer Cal will live out the rest of her days in Farm Sanctuary's 300 acre shelter in the Finger Lakes region of New York state. Officer Cal will live out the rest of her days in Farm Sanctuary’s 300-acre shelter in the Finger Lakes region of New York. (Photo: Farm Sanctuary)

According to Farm Sanctuary, the goat and sheep rescued with help from Stewart were only two of the five farm animals in as many days discovered wandering New York City.

“If you’ve been moved by the many farm animal rescue stories this week, please think of the billions of animals just like them currently suffering inside factory farms, for whom rescue isn’t possible, and consider being their hero by reducing our eliminating your consumption of meat and other animal products,” she added.

Wayward NYC farm animals get a helping hand

Animal advocate Tracey Stewart worked with the Farm Sanctuary Emergency Rescue Team to re-home the abandoned animals.


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