Brainwashed At The Blackboard: Communist Flags Waved At Youth Climate Protests

kids climate protest communist flagThe marching season seems to be upon us. Last week there was (another) so-called strike by schoolchildren ‘against climate change’. […snip…]

These days, when social media can whip up a firestorm of outrage over nothing and everything, it is remarkably easy to get people to join a campaign.

This was demonstrated by one Anders Colding-Jorgensen of the University of Copenhagen. In 2009 he created a Facebook group to protest against the demolition of the Stork Fountain (which adorns a square in the Danish capital).

No fewer than 10,000 people joined in the first week; after a fortnight, the group had over 27,000 pledging fealty.

Then Colding-Jorgensen revealed that he had been conducting a social experiment to show how easy it was to mobilize people via false claims on the social media: there never was a plan to knock down the Stork Fountain.

This makes me wonder what has been told to the schoolchildren who have deserted their classrooms — with the encouragement of their teachers — to protest about alleged government inaction ‘against climate change’.

They have been led to believe that British politicians have been doing ‘nothing’ to reduce emissions of CO2.

Whoever taught them that is either ignorant or deliberately covering up the fact that UK CO2 emissions have fallen consistently in each of the past six years (the result of government-mandated action to shut coal-powered power stations).

Last year, or so scientists tell us, UK CO2 emissions were at the lowest levels in more than 120 years, despite the fact that our population and output is vastly higher.

Add to this that the UK contributes little more than one percent of global CO2 emissions, and you wonder — again — what these children have been told by their teachers.

Have they been told, for example, that China is building almost 260 gigawatts of new coal-fired power generating capacity (equivalent to roughly the entire U.S. coal power station fleet)?

Have they been told that last year China also financed more than a quarter of worldwide coal plant construction (to the tune of $36bn)?

If these ‘striking’ school- children were at all informed on the matter that exercises them so much, they would be demonstrating not in Parliament Square but outside the London embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

That’s the one with the red flag, as its government still claims to be faithful to Marxism. In fact, Communism is also fashionable among young would-be saviors of the planet.

A number of those demonstrating last week were waving the red flag complete with hammer and sickle. One of them was standing on the plinth with the statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square.

He had doubtless never been told by his teachers that the late Soviet regime and its Eastern European satellites made Donald Trump look like an ecologist. […]

I fear the ‘striking’ schoolchildren — many of whom were chanting ‘f*** Theresa May’ outside Downing Street — have been taught to think that Jeremy Corbyn was right that East Germany was a workers’ paradise (the Labour leader holidayed there, he admired it so much).

Perhaps it’s time for a march against Communism. Ending up outside the offices of the National Union of Teachers.

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