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This Week on Explore (3/15)

This week at has been a relatively tough week for us. Unexpectedly, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Bella Hummingbird. Bella was such an important part of the family and are so sad to see her go. Please watch this tribute video as we say our final goodbyes:

We also lost an important member of the community, Dicky Neely. Dicky was a talented artist, musician, author, and friend and we are going to miss the color he brought into our lives.


The Decorah Eagles community suffered a loss this week when one of the eggs in the nest broke unexpectedly. Thankfully, there are still two healthy eggs left!


Despite a difficult week at, nature always has a way to remind us the beauty of life. The Fraser Point Eagles welcomed THREE new chicks to their nest. All three are healthy and eating!

Elsa Hummingbird also welcomed her second egg! Now we patiently wait until they hatch!
Elsa_Second Egg_Paula_3.12.19

Mike Fitz is back with a new “Fitz Facts” video! This week Mike explores the fascinating metabolisms of hummingbirds. Watch here:

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