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This is why they call Ireland the 'Emerald Isle'

Farms turn the Irish countryside into a quilt of green and gold

When MNN’s Catie Leary visited Ireland, this was one of her favorite locations in the journey. “This photo shows the vibrant pastures and croplands of Roughgrange, a farm located next to the prehistoric Newgrange monument in County Meath, Ireland. The nickname ‘Emerald Isle’ is no hyperbole. Believe the hype: Ireland is truly as green as they say.”

When it comes to the weather and the greenery, Ireland’s location keeps you guessing. The North Atlantic Drift, one of several ocean currents that make up the Gulf Stream, brings those warm Gulf waters northward, which is why winters aren’t as cold as you might expect, as Weather Online explains in more detail. Add to that an abundance of rain, especially on the West Coast, and the lushness of the place begins to make sense.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated since it was originally published in May 2014.

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