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Paris Climate Pledge Would Help World Fishing

Honoring the Paris climate pledge would provide a fair catch for the world’s fishing fleets.  Warm up the oceans, though, and everyone loses. 

A Vietnamese catch: Developing states will gain most from keeping the promise of Paris. (Image Credit: Duangphorn Wiriya on Unsplash) Click to Enlarge.

Canadian scientists have worked out the way to make the most of the world’s fish stocks:  by honoring the Paris climate pledge.

Seagoing nations could raise revenues for their fishing fleets, put more seafood on the table, and protect the most valuable commercial fish stocks simply by doing what they had promised in 2015 to do anyway.

The key is the historic agreement reached then in Paris by 195 nations, to take steps to limit average global warming to “well below” a total of 2°C above the long-term average for most of human history, and to do this by 2100.

In the last century or so the global temperature has already risen by around 1°C, as a consequence of ever-increasing combustion of fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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