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Youth Climate Strikers:  ‘We Are Going to Change the Fate of Humanity’

Exclusive:  Students issue an open letter ahead of global day of action on 15 March, when young people are expected to strike across 50 nations.

Thousands of students went on strike in London on February 15, 2019, to protest their government’s inaction on climate change. (Credit: Wiktor Szymanowicz/Barcroft Media/Getty Images) Click to Enlarge.

The students striking from schools around the world to demand action on climate change have issued an uncompromising open letter stating:  “We are going to change the fate of humanity, whether you like it or not.”

The letter, published by the Guardian, says:  “United we will rise on 15 March and many times after until we see climate justice.  We demand the world’s decision makers take responsibility and solve this crisis.  You have failed us in the past.  [But] the youth of this world has started to move, and we will not rest again.”

The Youth Strikes for Climate movement is not centrally organized, so keeping track of the fast growing number of strikes is difficult, but many are registering on  So far, there are almost 500 events listed to take place on 15 March across 51 countries, making it the biggest strike day so far.  Students plan to skip school across Western Europe, from the US to Brazil and Chile, and from Australia to Iran, India, and Japan.

The letter says:  “We are the voiceless future of humanity … We will not accept a life in fear and devastation.  We have the right to live our dreams and hopes.”  Kampus helped initiate the letter, which was created collectively via a global coordination group numbering about 150 students, including the first youth climate striker, Sweden’s Greta Thunberg.

The strikes have attracted some criticism and Kampus said:  “We wanted to define for ourselves why we are striking.”  Another member of the coordination group, Anna Taylor, 17, from north London, UK, said:  “The importance of the letter is it shows this is now an international movement.

Taylor said:  “The rapid growth of the movement is showing how important it is and how much young people care.  It is vital for our future.”  Janine O’Keefe, from, said:  “I’ll be very happy with over 100,000 students striking on 15 March.  But I think we might reach even beyond 500,000 students.”

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