This Week on Explore (3/1)

This week, we hosted a snapshot sharing contest for the new Africams and we were BLOWN away by the amazing snapshots taken. Click here to see all of the featured winners!

Africam_RosiesPan_Elephant and baby in unison-Cruiser

Gif by Cruiser

The Decorah Eagles have laid not one but TWO eggs! Come watch as mom and dad take turns incubating!

Eagles_DE First Egg_TinyJulz<><_2.23.19

The Decorah Norths have also laid a second egg this week, we are excited to see if this will be their last egg laid or if we are going to see one more!
Eagles_DNN CU_CamOp Spish_2.20.19

Two Harbors Eagles have ALSO welcomed their second egg to the nest!
Eagles_Two Harbors_CarlaJ_3.1.19

Animal Wellness Center has recently rescued a mom and her puppies! Watch these sweet puppies as they start to open their eyes and explore!

Animal Wellness Center Puppies

Lastly, we are saddened to announce the recent passing of Seth from Big Cat Rescue. He filled our lives with lots of laughter and love and we are all so incredibly lucky to know him. Please watch this slideshow tribute video made by you, the viewers, in loving memory of Seth:

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