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Birdwatch wrapper good enough to eat?

The wrapper on my March Birdwatch magazine looked different… and it is.

I’m glad to see that Birdwatch alongside many other magazines, but far from all of them, has switched away from plastic wrappers and, in this case, to potato starch.

Good for them!

And although I am sure that the managing editor, Dominic Mitchell had something to do with this change, the new Editor, Rebecca Armstrong, has really gone to town on it with this enclosure in with the magazine.

Good for her!

And it’s a good point that the digital editions are even more environmentally friendly – maybe I’ll switch soon. I probably should, though I do like flicking through the pages of a magazine…

So having got past the potato starch wrapper, which is probably good enough to eat, but is good enough to compost, I’d better read the contents. I’ll come back to you on that.


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