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Watch: Morano Testifies At Congressional Hearing On Green New Deal

morano green new deal congressWestern Caucus Addresses Green New Deal – Marc Morano, Director of Communication, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow:

“The environmental Left has been using green scares to push for the same solutions we see today — wealth redistribution, central planning, sovereignty limiting treaties — since the overpopulation scars of the 1960s and 1970s.”

Morano, on the other hand, believes that the increased focus on the Green New Deal “has shifted the Democratic Party into serious, unscientific, nutty territory.”

As a result, he continued, “The greatest danger we face right now with the Green New Deal… is very simply the Republican Party coming up with the Green New Deal-lite.”

“We need to oppose it and oppose it firmly,” Morano said. “We don’t need to come up with the lite version of the plan.”

See Also: Submitted Written Testimony of Marc Morano to Congressional Hearing on Green New Deal – Western Caucus – Capitol Hill

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