Listen to the Children:  Political Miscalculations Pile Up Over the Green New Deal

Mitch look us in the eyes. (Credit: cleantechnica.com) Click to Enlarge.

This week across the US, hundreds of young people are visiting their Senators in order to plead for the Green New Deal (GND).  They’re telling personal stories about why the GND holds hope for their future — for green trees and parks, for clean air to breathe and safe water to drink, for a system of energy that’s renewable, not rigged by fossil fuel billionaires.  In what is likely their first acts of civil disobedience, these young people are getting a taste of democracy in action, and some of the images coming out of those tete-a-tetes with the powerful and wealthy are enough to make us adults in the room cringe.  Importantly, these (adult) people whom we expect to lead are making tremendous political miscalculations.

Masses of young people are delivering a clear message about climate change to reps on both sides of the political aisle:  Americans want a GND, and young voters will remember where Senators stand on the resolution the next time they want their votes.  These young activists believe they are making progress, too:  the Green New Deal resolution has more than 90 cosponsors, including every Senator running for President.

Sunrise Hubs form the backbone of the movement by growing people power locally, elevating climate change as an urgent priority, contesting political power in our country, and working with other local organizations to build the people’s alignment.  Now, lest you think these young people are college-aged, reminiscent of the Vietnam War protests, let me assure you that you’re both right and wrong.  Yes, a good number of supporters are in college, but there are also huge numbers of high school and even middle school aged Sunrisers.

In an interesting turn of events this week, two generally savvy politicians lost their tempers and ways with these Sunrise youth.  And in their inability to show calm, patience, understanding, and even a bit of a knowing smile, Senators holding onto tenuous political power may have overplayed their hands and, in doing so, strengthened support for the very GND resolution which makes them grit their teeth.

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